Do you feel claustophoia

Posted by on October 18, 2014

having to lie still..are you sedated at all so you don’t remember any of it…what do you do all that time you are lying still..i suppose you have a cath so you don’t have to get up and go to bathroom?

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Were you having trouble breathing

Posted by on October 6, 2014

now i have this buring in the pit of my stomach that radiates to my back. i do have acid reflux and i am on a new diet that i eat alot of fiber…it feels like acid backing up into my thoart sometimes too…

what was it like for you to have an angiogram…how long did you have to stay still after the test and did you have to stay in the hospital…for that particular they put you to sleep?


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Is there some way you could get your doctor to order a *angiogram* test??

Posted by on September 25, 2014

Sometimes you need to have someone go *With You* to the doctor so they will *really listen* to you.
Especially a woman!!!
I was 58 years old 10 months ago when I had a triple bypass.
I had 2 EKG’s (months apart)  that said there was no heart problem  Chest x-rays said no heart problem. Treadmill test said no heart problem.
Yet I knew there *was* a problem of some kind.
Finally my husband went to doctor *with me* and told them they needed to do more testing because he knew I was not having  pantic attacks like they kept saying for 2 years.
I remember my primary care giver (doctor) looking me in the eye and said in a very firm voice “You Do NOT have any Heart problems” !!!!!
Was told to Exercise (they think that cures everything).
After several years (and my husband going with me) Was *finally* given the *angiogram* test which showed 2 totally blocked arteries and another 90% blocked.
Had bypass surgery 12 days later.
Don’t let doctors keep telling you nothing is wrong.
If you have insurance (we do) they of course don’t  want anything to be wrong because it costs them a lot of money.
I am Not blaming the doctors it is just that sometimes on some people the EKG and other tests are just plain wrong.
Karla in Vancouver WA

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You sound like me for a few months before I had my heart attack

Posted by on September 15, 2014

When you are tired all the time and have shortness of breath it usually means that you are not getting sufficient oxygen to your brain due to blockages somewhere.

You may need to go and have an angiogram performed to find those blockages.

Good luck!!!

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I have gone to my doctor to see if i am having lung problems or heart problems…

Posted by on September 6, 2014

I was given the breathing test thingy..and they were close to giving me an inhaler but they got 3 good test..but the only reason is that i took an extra breath in the middle to finish it out to get the numbers up…so they said they didn’t think i had then i went to a heart doctor and he did an ekg and ultrasound..and said it wasn’t my heart..

i was just physically impaired and said my cholorestrol and tryi were up..and put me on a diet exercise program for that and to increase my breathing here are my symptoms..i ca’nt get deep breaths.i yawn alot..and i have this tightening in my thoart and chest when i walk a certain distances..and don’t feel like i can  breath good..but i do make it through..the mile walk..does anyone  have these kind of breathing problems..i just need to know if i need  to go back to heart doctor..

i think i am going to call them  tomorrow..

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Try to avoid formulas that combine Arginine with Lysine

Posted by on August 28, 2014

These two AA are in the same catergory. Take one at a different time than the other.

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Puritan’s Pride latest catalog has a 3 for 1 deal

Posted by on August 27, 2014

where the one is 100 tabs of 500 mg L-Ornithine at $18.90 for a total of 300 tabs. They also have a combination 3 for 1 of L-Arginine L-Ornithine and L-Lysine were the total would be 360 tabs at $17.30. Another special is L-Arginine and L-Ornithine total 320 tabs at $29.95 where the Arginine is 1000mg and the Ornithine 500 mg. I have been buying from this company when its name was Nutrition Headquarters and I have not found better values. If anyone know of better values anywhere, I would sure like to hear about it.

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I just got a much better price on Ornithine

Posted by on August 23, 2014

during the just ended sale at Puritan’s Pride, than I’ve seen before (I used to buy all my amino acids from Jomar).
There’s no suspected association between Ornithine and shingles. That’s a problem that might have been associated with Arginine. Xlnt news about the angina! Let’s hope it continues.
Keep us posted.

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Have you considered using the “Granocyte” generically known as Lenograstim to augment the EECP?

Posted by on August 22, 2014

Just to refresh your memory Lenograstim is used to stimulate stem cells in the bone marrow and raises the overall white cell counts by as much as 10X. The additive function of the blood flow to the organs could possibly move more cells to heart where they need to be.

Any other organs which needed the stem cells would also likely get a good supply as well. You certainly know the kidneys work quickly during the EECP as it causes a man to have to urinate immediately after even when urinating immediately before.

Especially for those who have to have a second treatment on EECP because they see no benefit from it the first time, could be an indication that stem cell stimulation might be warranted. What are your thoughts on this?

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Under normal conditions

Posted by on August 20, 2014

our body can produce only “x” amount of Nitric Oxide. “NO” production is further undermined by external factors like smoking, air pollutants, excessive alcohol consumption etc.

Our body will only produce limited amount of NO even if you take Nitric Oxide enhancing supplements. These supplements contain L-Arginine which converts to Nitric Oxide after combing with Oxygen present in our body. After the threshold is reached, the rest of the Arginine is converted into urea and is excreted out of our system.Moreover, if you take Nitric Oxide supplements along with the ED drugs; you are at a very high risk of a heart attack because this combination can drop your blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Arginase will temporarily stop this conversion of Arginine to urea and will aid in NO production.

If you live in the US, there are a couple of online vitamin stores that sell L-Norvaline.
You can run a google search to find them . I had ordered it a while back and don’t rem the name off hand. I’ll post it on here if i find it.

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Where would one purchase

Posted by on August 12, 2014

L-Norvaline and L-Valine? Are these supplements the best way to go to increase Nitric Oxide in the body or is there a way to supplement Nitric Oxide more directly? Thanks.

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30 mg of Cialis will do more harm than any good

Posted by on August 5, 2014

Before thinking about increasing the dosage, it is very important to understand how these drugs work and try generic cialis tadalafil best price! All the ED drugs work by enhancing the effect of Nitric Oxide that is already present in the system. In your case, it looks like your body is not producing enough Nitric Oxide for the drug to work. Hence, increasing the dosage will not yeild any positive results.

Instead, you may want to try an Arginase inhibitor ( L-Norvaline or L-Valine). Arginase is one of the 20 amino acids present in our body. It coverts Arginine to Urea. By controlling Arginase your body will have more Nitric Oxide availabe for the drug to work.

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Cialis Dosage

Posted by on August 3, 2014

Hi, Was wondering whether anyone has taken a higher dose of Cialis than 20mg? I have been taking 20mg for some time now, with not quite the desured erection results. Am anticipating increasing the dosage to 30mg.

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I suffered burning with Prostaglandin

Posted by on April 30, 2014

in Caverject and Tri-Mix so I went to Bi-mix and used it for 11 years. It just takes a little larger dose, but doesn’t burn at all with good results. You do need a compounding pharmicist the same as who mix up Tri-mix and a prescription specifically for Bi-mix. I found it to be cheaper as well.

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I would say your mix is very strong

Posted by on April 25, 2014

Mine is 10mcg, 30 mg, 1 mg. That’s what my doctor calls standard.

(That’s 10mcg/ml of PGE1, 30 mg/ml of papaverine, and 1 mg/ml of phentolamine.)

The strongest my doctor has on his list is called “super special.”  It’s 30mcg, 30 mg, 2 mg.

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Hi, I’m not home right now, so will check when I get back this weekend

Posted by on April 24, 2014

I’m sure there is a pretty standardized formula the pharmacists use. I found that caverject alone “burned” like hell in my dick, the entire thing, for the entire time. First time in my life I couldn’t wait untl my hard on went away. I went and layed down, then sat in a hottub, this made it fade. WHEW. Trimix, having some caverject in it, also burns some, but a smalller dose, like 0.5ml.
along with a cock ring seems adequate, not perfect, but it still burns some. Damn. I love having it work, but just wish it didn’t hurt. The erections I get with the VED try this canadian pharmacy no rx needed, and I use a soft cock ring, not the one they provide (too damn tight, and can’t be pulled around behind my balls) is better, doesn’t hurt, fades sooner, but i just repump, so it is my daily routine, rehab.
I haven’t done a search lately for new treatments being worked on.
Has anyone else. Someday they’ll figure it out, I’m betting not until a few of the researchers deal with it and get working on it,

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Trimix dosage

Posted by on April 19, 2014

I was wondering if anyone uses trimix and what is your doasage. Mine is 50mcg-30-mg-1.5mg

Do you think that is high? Lets compare.

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Sounds like you need to get your T

Posted by on April 8, 2014

up to an acceptable level. I just switchted from Androgel to T-cyp IM injections, 100 mg weekly. The low T may also be a real source of you depression, too. Low T has many more deleterious side effects; you gotta get it up (pun intended).

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The issue of depression has to be factored into the equation

Posted by on April 4, 2014

I am currently taking Wellbutrin and have been for several years now. It can be a vicious cylcle……

I do see a therapist but I feel most of the problem is physical. I have a low testosterone count, but the patches don’t do the trick, so maybe injections with that would help also.

Thanks for the information — I did not know about the scarring issue. I see I have a lot more homework to do.
Good luck to you.


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Injection therapy

Posted by on April 3, 2014

I have migraines plus recurrent sinus infection plus other problems. My internist has absolutely refused to allow me oral erectile enhancers. They all exacerbate migraines and sinus problems. I have had excellent response with sildenafil 100mg and papaverine alone my Uro. says he doesn’t use that often anymore and some won’t worrying about malpractice because it like other injectables can cause scarring and it is off label prescribing. I get by with about .2cc but max is 1cc. I lost weight and changed blood pressure meds. those two things helped me to get by with a far lower dose than before. I was at 1cc and not getting really hard.

I also have found that your mental health state has a lot to do with getting erect. If I am depressed it makes a lot of difference. Also depression meds can make it impossible but then in those two states you often don’t have any feeling anyway. If that could even remotely be your problem take care of it you will feekl better and have a better sex life.

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ED from spinal damage

Posted by on March 25, 2014

Hi! I like many other men here have a form a erectile dysfunction. not a pleasent subject but im glad i found this site as i have learned a few things from different post.i am a 47 y/o male with e.d. i have had this problem since just before my nineteenth birthday. i was in a auto accident and had severe spinal damage. of all things it had to effevt was my man 10 that is a bad thing to happen to a young male in his top it off i had to urinate thru a rubber tube for over a yr before i could actually get the strength back in my bladder to go on my own again.also it left me with numbness in most of my penis shaft. i have noticed tho as i get hard i can feel more sensations than when soft.however on with the story i have father two sons so i am not sterile. later on in a bad second marriage i had a vasectomy. i didnt want any more suprize pregnant women.soon after we divorced. i have noticed tho after the vaz i am getting shorter in penis lenght and my
testicles hurt for a good time after off and on. during my second marriage sex was mostly non exsistant after birth for three years later.the only outlet i had was masturbation. i could and still can touch myself in certain places with out erection and ejaculation will occur. i went to the dr . after we split up and got a good exam and he put me on viagra. that nite i went home and got on pc and read erotic story sites and with out knowing it or touching myself i had an erection like i had in youth days. so back to dating with out embarrassment of not being able to perform for the ladies.

however in 2003 i near died from a reoccurring infection in my right foot from accident when i was eighteen. needless to say i had to have a my leg and foot amputated from below the knee. but the infection settled in my groin area and i was swollen up down there something terrible.the dr . had to make an incision in the crease of my leg next to my testicle sac to drain the infection. very very painful . so afterwards i have noticed that i now have bladder control problems due to surgury.i had it after the accident due to spinal damages but more now than then. i have since tried levitra, and cialis for erection probs and like the cialis best. it gives me a good jump start and i can go for a good week with out needing another one. i do fear tho as i see a difference in erections after the surgery that i will someday more than likely need erection injections to be able to have sex.i guess my question is how well do the injections work are they a good treatment. does
the dr. recomend them often or is it a last resort to human sexuallity. are the guys satisfied that use it. it is painful to inject .is there anyone else out here with the same probs as me from spinal damage and if so how do u deal with it. my wife now is very understanding and accepts it and works with me on it. i also usea vaccuum pump to help aid in the problem. it seems to help in keeping me from shrinking in size would love to herar from other with the same problems as i have. thanx.

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Thanks Sidney for speaking up..

Posted by on March 11, 2014

I made a similar commit about the great things possible with trimix a while back and also added that wimpeyness might have something to do with the BAD things often pushed about injections.
Lets be REAL, some of us can’t afford the HIGH PRICE for an implant, and we have also heard the horror stories of the failed implants, the infections, then having to get them removed and left with a useless stump.
My feelings are…. that as a MAN, and you are scared of a tiny needle in the side of your penis, which is not as bad as a mosquito bite on your arm, then try all the pills, pumps, voodoo dolls, and anything you might hope to get a great erection ( like when you were 18 ) then get on my case again, I can handle it.
BUTT, im the one that will be amused by the rhetoric as I play with my very hard cock that will be that way 2-3 hours.

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You guys are pansys who complain about headaches

Posted by on January 15, 2014

nausea and other side effects of Cialis, Viagra and the other pills. The only problem with them is not the right answer. The pumps also, may be a turn on for you, but just looking at your dick grow in a cylinder isn’t going to improve your sex life! Somebody has to get real. The injections tri-mix etc. are the only real answer but you guys that say you have side effects from the pills couldn’t handle it. Those guys should probably get in touch with their femme side!

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I do not use a pump before sex i use a pump for therapy

Posted by on May 10, 2013

i also do not use cock rings. i use cialis for sex,its good for a couple days for im ready with some foreplay if my wife is interested.i have also started to cut a 20mg cialis pill in 4 and take it every 2 days. i am more interested in a program that helps me keep my sex life where i want it.i also intend to pursue useing andro-gel the va hospital says they will cover this, that all i need to do is bring in my old perscriptions.i do not think it will be that easy but when they called me they were very nice.– tooo– the guys that did not want to work with the problem of e.d and chose a implant what are you doing on this blog now that you coped out.– regards– this is ment just to the guys that sound like they are patronizing my comments

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I don’t mean to butt in, but I suggest wanted to make a comment

Posted by on May 17, 2011

I left a message three days ago with my opinions about the pumps, pills, inject and implants. This guy sent me a nasty personal message telling me how wonderful the implant is and he seems to think you can bleed to death my trying to inject whatever; tri-mix or any of the others. The pumps are just fine, but they are not going to make ou and your partner live happily ever after. The radical side effects of the pills talked about on this support just don’t happen to normal people or the AMA would allow it! As far as this guys implant, I hope he and his wonderful understanding wife also live happily ever after!

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If your insurance covers it

Posted by on February 15, 2011

check out getting a three piece inflatable implant. No muss, no fuss just some initial pain and getting used to and for the next 10 ~ 15 ~ possibly 25 years, you will be ED free.

Not that I can honestly say that I know how a woman thinks, but I’m sure that watching the guy having to let a machine suck his penis to get him hard is not quite her idea of foreplay.. Just my opinion. My wife found waiting for the Viagra to work to be non-excitable so.. I can only imagine her reaction to pump use..

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